Where it all started

When she was young, my daughter was always fascinated by spiders and other creepy crawlies.

She used to really enjoy watching Peppa Pig, and her favourite episode was the one in which Peppa finds a spider and gives it the name Mr. Skinny Legs.

My daughter came across a large spider while playing in the garden one day and immediately decided she wanted to keep it as a pet.

She received a Mexican red rump tarantula for Christmas that particular year as a gift. Can you guess what she named him?

Our enthusiasm for invertebrates continued to develop over the years, and as a result, we were able to expand our collection to include a number of other species. These included a Jumping Spider, a Leaf Insect, an Asian Black Forest Scorpion, and a Chilean Rose Tarantula.

Little girl holding a spider

Fear of insects

Most insects can be handled without any problems as long as they are treated with respect and care.

We want to reassure parents that there is no need for their children to be afraid of bugs, so we have tried to design the website with them in mind

Children are not born with a fear of insects; the fear is created by us and how we react to them.

At Life of Bugs, our goal is to give parents as much information as we can to help them get over their fear of insects so they can teach their kids about the important role insects play in keeping the environment healthy.

little girl holding a scorpion